[OS X] View MHTML Files

Using code from the UnMHT QuickLook project, I put together an app that renders MHTML files using WebKit on OS X. Features: print, export to PDF, and export to webarchive.

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3 Responses to [OS X] View MHTML Files

  1. Radu says:

    THANKS MAN! YOU MADE MY DAY! Im so happy to find this that you cant imagine! I have a LOT of pages on mht format, and as a recent OSX swither I was upset that Safari have no support for mht. Im using also the UnMHT QuickLook but this is rendering the pages randomly, some of them yes, some of them, no. To view an mht file untill now needed to open Opera of Firefox to view them. Now I have an alternative so view, convert, print them. Thanks again.

  2. Radu says:

    P.S. After playing a little with MHTML Viewer I have a little wishlist:
    - Option to remember the settings and dimensions of window. I like to always hide the toolbar.
    - Zoom In-Out page.
    - FullScreen mode.
    - Tabs for multiple opened pages at the same time
    Also if the MHTML Viewer is based on WebKit, please is possible to make a Safari extension to Open-Save .mht files?

  3. Rich says:

    Does this work with lion? My MHT contains a flash movie generating from Microstrategy and isn’t working – any ideas?

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