Google Book Downloader Update: Version 2.0

Google Book Downloader 2.0 is out! What’s new: much faster, fewer bugs, and less important things. To download, see the product page here.

If you are into the technical details, maybe you are wondering what went on behind the scenes to make such improvements. First, a quick background on scraping:

One way to scrape: Start with an AJAX web app that you want to borrow some data from. Reverse engineer it until you understand the API that it is using to get data from the server. Then re-engineer your app to use this API.

However, there is another way to scrape: Start with someone else’s AJAX web app. Load it into a web browser engine. Use whatever hooks the web browser engine provides to do things like 1) run your own JavaScript on the page and 2) monitor the network traffic of the web app. Compared to the first way to scrape, this requires a lot less thinking!

As you may have guessed, GBD 1 used the first method, while GBD 2 used the second method. Not only does this prevent me from having to worry about Google’s AJAX calls, but it also simplifies the source code of the application. It also has the nice effect of speeding up the application.

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10 Responses to Google Book Downloader Update: Version 2.0

  1. nicolas says:

    thanks a lot for this app really usefull !!!
    but i get some bugs, everything looks fine until i open the pdf.

    Seems some pages are saved before other…i get page 120 before page 112, 232 before 229…

    Did u already seen this kind of bug ?
    i tried to scrape this books (and try 2 times)

  2. KV says:

    Hi, do you have an older version of this program, my OS is 10.4.11 so i can´t run the 2.1 version…

    Grate program, thanks for makeing it…

  3. Sasha says:

    Google Books Downloader new 2012 with Tutorial

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    ► Install the program in the default directory
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    it download pages from google book automatically.


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